Lobster and Filet Mignon

You'll want to celebrate every special occasion with our ultimate surf & turf combo, Lobster and Filet Mignon. This show-stopping meal features the best of the best - hard-shelled lobster, incomparably succulent and sweet, and filet mignon, exceptionally tasty and tender. Want to live your best life? This is it.
For Two:
  • Two Live or Pre-Cooked Legal Lobsters
  • Two 6 oz. Legal Signature Filet Mignons
  • Two Complimentary Claw Crackers (value: $3 each)
  • For Four:
  • Four Live or Pre-Cooked Legal Lobsters
  • Four 6 oz. Legal Signature Filet Mignons
  • Four Complimentary Claw Crackers (value: $3 each)
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    Lobster and Filet Mignon Reviews

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    Yummy lobster and tender filets
    Oct 23, 2021  |  By Patrick
    4.8 star rating
    Arrived on time, was chilled and in great shape, warmed lobster in foil and it was delicious. Cooked steak on grill and was tender and Flavorful. Would order again!!

    Simply the Best
    Oct 16, 2021  |  By Camilla and Tom Clancy
    4.8 star rating
    We have lived in Florida for the past 12 years. Unfortunately, we don't have anywhere close by that we can get fresh New England (Northeast) seafood. We have been ordering and have shipped to us here from Legal Seafood and have enjoyed every meal. My only problem is I miss the delicious Fish Chowder. Are they ever going to offer it again?

    Gotta Love Surf & Turf
    Sep 7, 2021  |  By Stephanie
    4.8 star rating
    Lobsters and steak were super fresh. Legal Seafoods is an awesome company! They go out of of their way to make things better even when It's Fedex's fault and not their own. I will always trust them to supply great food not only to me but my friends and family too.

    Dealing with legal seafood
    Mar 16, 2021  |  By Barbara landry
    4.8 star rating
    I ordered lasers to be delivered in Tampa and Santa Fe, n m. Both times the delivery was on time and all the lobsters arrived alive. Definitely would rider from the company again. Online ordering was easy and the price was good. Thankyou Legal Seafood

    Lobster and Filet for two.
    Feb 23, 2021  |  By Terry
    4.8 star rating
    It was great.........the biggest lobster we have ever had and delicious............and so was the filet. Will always order from legalseafood. Package was delivered as ordered and on time for valentines day.

    Amazing food!
    Jan 18, 2021  |  By Kristen Papamichael
    4.8 star rating
    The lobsters were fresh as can be still crawling around when we got our shipment and absolutely delicious once we cooked them! The steaks were so tender and juicy couldn't have asked for a better meal! Thank you legal seafoods!

    Lobster and Filet for two.
    Jan 3, 2021  |  By Terry
    4.8 star rating
    Have never had a bad experience with Legal Seafood. Will continue to order meals from them..................it is very good food.

    west coast gift
    Jan 2, 2021  |  By victoria
    4.8 star rating
    my sister has lived on the west coast for many years & misses the east coast lobstah & legal's clam chowdah! Always 5 stars!

    Dec 28, 2020  |  By Karen
    4.8 star rating
    Ordered this for my mom's birthday and she loved it!! I chose the live lobster option and they were packed great and we're in perfect living condition. The Filets were tender. Would definitely order again.

    Always welcome and excellent.
    Dec 8, 2020  |  By Woodworth Fred
    4.8 star rating
    Perfect for a special occasion-- a well- received family treat.

    Food was Incredible
    Dec 5, 2020  |  By Pat Foss
    4.8 star rating
    Kids surprised us with surf & turf pre- cooked lobsters & 2 fillets, food came a day late due to a address error by daughter but the dry ice did its job and everything arrived perfect!! Food was amazing, we will be ordering again!

    Celebrating our first Grandchild!
    Oct 5, 2020  |  By JoAnn Francisconi
    4.8 star rating
    We heard from our daughter and son-in-law that everything was delicious. They throughly enjoyed their meal on the first night home! Lobster bisque was a big hit too!

    You went over and above to fix a problem out of your control
    Dec 28, 2019  |  By Elisa Cain
    4.8 star rating
    Delivery was not on time due to FEDEX. Order showed up with cracked lobsters and dead lobsters. You resent the order and made up for it. Customer service was great!

    Filet was great, one lobster was squashed
    Dec 20, 2019  |  By Kelly Kilfoyle
    4.8 star rating
    Bought as a gift for my sister and brother in law in FL. Filets were great but one lobster was crushed so much that one of its claws was off. Box was in fine condition so it must have happened when the lobster was caught or loaded for shipment. Probably wouldn't order again given the fact that shipping the lobster was what we really wanted (anyone can ship meat)