What is Nitro-Fresh™?

What is Nitro-Fresh™?

For those who value convenience just as much as the quality of your seafood, we introduce NITRO-FRESH™. We flash freeze some of our signature Legal Sea Foods dishes at their peak of freshness with liquid nitrogen. This industry-leading process ensures that the taste, texture and moisture content of the seafood remains absolutely intact. Now you can enjoy your favorite Legal seafood dishes at home whenever you want them, in minutes.

  • Freezing with liquid nitrogen is an industry-leading process that allows us to freeze seafood in mere minutes, enabling us to lock in the flavor, moisture, quality, texture and color.

  • Because we freeze seafood at its peak of freshness, the seafood never degrades (e.g. by sitting in the refrigerator before preparation).

  • We are offering some of our most popular Legal Sea Foods restaurant dishes.

  • NITRO-FRESH™ is perfect for those who value convenience just as much as quality. Everything is packaged and value-added in single servings, allowing for maximum flexibility (no need to plan dinners in advance).

  • These items go from freezer to oven (no need to thaw), and are ready to serve in about 30 minutes.