Gift Certificates

Two ways to share!

Need help deciding on the most wicked awesome gift ever? Call us! We have opinions and we don't mind sharing!

1) Package Gift Certificates

You choose a specific gift package, and they redeem it at their own convenience. The purchase price is not revealed to the recipient. Shipping costs for food delivery upon gift certificate redemption, are included at time of certificate purchase.

Click here for a list of packages that are available as a certificate.

2) Choice of Meal Gift Certificates

With so many choices, selecting the perfect gift can be tougher than standing upright in a Nor'easter. So we've taken the guesswork out of your gift-giving! Our Tiered Gift Certificates let you choose the amount, while your recipient selects the contents and delivery time.

Delivery Included
Each of the four convenient price points includes delivery of the package to your recipient. That's right, for every Tiered Gift Certificate, shipping and handling is built in. Pay no additional shipping costs!

Four Price Points
We offer gift Certificate courses at four popular price points, all in nice round numbers and all guaranteed to deliver ultimate freshness at a price you select. See Tiered Gift Certificates for a list of options.

Three Gift Options in Each
Your recipient can then select the gift of their choice from three tantalizing options at the price point you specify. That price is not revealed to the recipient.

One Fresh, Convenient Gift
Finally, we ship your gift to arrive on the date specified by your recipient, at the peak of freshness and flavor, ready to wow all involved. Now, wasn't that easy?