Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use a Legal Sea Foods Marketplace/Mail Order Gift Certificate when dining at Legal Sea Foods?
Gift Certificates from Legal Sea Foods Marketplace are for shipped seafood orders only and cannot be redeemed at Legal Sea Foods restaurants.

Where do you ship?
We currently ship our seafood within the continental United States.

Can I select the delivery date for my order?
During checkout, you will be asked to choose the day you'd like your seafood to arrive.

NITRO-FRESH® is an industry-leading process that uses liquid nitrogen to flash freeze seafood at its peak of freshness so that the taste, texture, and moisture content remains absolutely intact. NITRO-FRESH® locks in the quality - learn more here.

How is your seafood shipped?
Our seafood is packed in insulated, corrugated boxes that contain coolants (dry ice for non-live items and gel packs for live items) to preserve the quality and freshness of our products in transit. We also use seawater-soaked pads when shipping lobsters to ensure they stay in premium condition.

When did Legal Sea Foods start shipping seafood direct?
We launched back in 1976! There are decades of experience that go into every box we ship.


How should I thaw frozen items?
We recommend thawing your frozen seafood in the refrigerator overnight.

What size lobsters should I order?
The most popular size is 1.50 lbs., but we ship boatloads of 1.25 lb. lobsters as well.

What is the green, red, or black stuff inside the body of my lobsters?
The soft green substance is the liver, known as the tomalley. The roe is the lobster eggs of the female lobster. The roe will be hard and bright to dark red when fully cooked and will appear gelatin-like and almost black if raw or undercooked. Both the tomalley and roe are considered delicacies but can also be rinsed off.

How soon should I cook my live lobsters?
We recommend you cook and consume your lobsters on the day they arrive. If that is not possible, cook the lobsters right away and then keep them in the refrigerator until ready to eat (no longer than three days max).

What if my lobsters are not moving?
Although lobsters may appear motionless, they have been carefully packed and are alive and ready to prepare. You'll see that the tail will be curled-up and the tail meat will be firm once steamed or boiled - a sure sign that you cooked a healthy and fresh lobster.

Feel free to drop us a line at with any additional questions.