Frequently Asked Questions


1. Can I redeem a Legal Mail Order Gift Certificate in the restaurant?
Mail Order Gift Certificates for food packages can only be redeemed with the Mail Order Department and CANNOT be redeemed in any restaurant location.

2. Does Legal Sea Foods ship overseas?
Legal Sea Foods Mail Order Division only ships products within the Continental United States.


3. How is your seafood packed?
Our seafood is packed in an insulated, corrugated box that contains coolants (dry ice for non-live items, gel packs for live items) to preserve the quality and freshness of our products.


4. How should I thaw out the seafood?
The recommended way to thaw frozen food is in the refrigerator approximately 6-9 hours. Once defrosted, cook immediately.


5. What size lobsters do you carry and what's the most common size?
We carry lobsters in ranges- 1.25 lbs.-1.49 lbs, 1.50 lbs-1.74 lbs, and 1.75 lbs-2.50 lbs each. The most popular size is 1.50 lbs.- 1.74 lbs.

6. How are the lobsters packed?
Our lobsters are packaged in corrugated boxes with styrofoam panels and consumer safe frozen gel packs. Sea water soaked pads are included in our lobster packages to keep them comfortable during their travel.

7. What is the red, green, or black substance inside the body of my lobsters?
The soft green substance is the liver, also known as the tomalley. The soft black or hard red substance, called roe, is only present in a female lobster. The roe will have a dark almost black tint and will appear gelatin-like if raw or undercooked and will be bright to dark red and hard when fully cooked. Both are edible and considered delicacies but can easily be rinsed out for those who may not like it.

8. When should a guest consume their live lobsters?
We suggest that all live lobsters be consumed the day they are received. If that is not possible, you can cook them and re-heat for up to 3 days later. (See pre-heated instructions)

9. What if my lobsters are not moving?
Although the lobster may appear motionless, they have been carefully packed, are alive, and ready to prepare. A sure sign that you cooked a healthy and fresh lobster is a curled up tail after steaming or boiling. Also, the meat in the tail will be firm after cooking.